Welcome to the MoneyWalkers Marketplace

How can MoneyWalkers improve your business with free features

Hello, we would like to introduce you to a brand new marketplace. MoneyWalkers.com is free and available world wide for businesses of all sizes and customers from any corner of the world.

The Marketplace sponsored by JSHosting.co.uk – Just Simple Hosting, has launched and it has amazing free features for everyone! With more Free features than you could ever imagine this Marketplace is the best startup place for any online and offline business.

How does the MoneyWalkers Marketplace help you or your business?
MoneyWalkers is more than a marketplace, it is a life improving tool for both Customers & Businesses World Wide.
The concept was developed after a market study made by WEBEFFIX showed that most new online businesses get abandoned after a small period of time.
Most of the reasons are: lack of knowledge in online sales methods, costs to run and maintain an online business (startups), failure to bring in new customers due to fake advertising promises and the list goes on forever.

After considering all aspects of eCommerce and businesses using the internet to get discovered, the MoneyWalkers Project started with the combined help of WEBEFFIX, JSHosting, Image Discern Ltd, Stancescu Dragos TATTOO&ART and Nextway.
MoneyWalkers.com is currently free to use (except tax and payment gateway costs & additional product slots) for every business out there, even for those that have not been created yet.


  • No coding knowledge required
  • No domain name required
  • No hosting fees required
  • No hidden costs
  • No hidden pricey extras like apps, addons, templates, etc…
  • You can create a simple low cost browser app for your store, or use it’s mobile friendly features.
  • You can redirect your current domain to your Marketplace store.
  • You can add your referral link on products from other stores [(Affiliate Marketing) Terms & Conditions apply]
  • You can sell B2B and B2C.
  • You can increase your local business customers by adding your products and offers.
  • You can add your local business products and provide your own shipping with no extra costs on the marketplace.
  • You can buy and sell world wide with “Insured Trade” transactions by Image Discern Ltd.
  • You can publish about articles for every product you add. (Only unique articles will be approved)
  • You can switch subscriptions from free to paid at any time.

If you are worried about the heavy costs of building an online store, maintenace, processing and so on… this is the best solution for you or any business starting up.

Here are a few features that are provided:

  1. Free 1 Year Marketplace subscriptions (For the first 100 stores that register each month)
  2. Product and offer publishing for Local Stores,Manufacturers and service providers.
  3.  0% Commissions for walk-ins, local store pick up and payment on delivery orders.
  4. Global Map Availability for customers to reach local stores faster.
  5. Affiliate marketers can subscribe to publish from 5 free products with refferal links and can add more if needed. (Note: Extra Terms and Conditions apply)
  6. Online stores can add their products on the marketplace with external links or sell them directly on the MoneyWalkers Marketplace. (Note: adult stores & products are prohibited)
  7. Shipping freedom, is also a feature that is perfect for online and local stores or manufacturers. You set up your own shipping rates, countries & companies you work with.
  8. You can sell almost anything and promote your services or business.(Note: Apps of certain business areas cannot be added on the marketplace.)
  9. The best feature of all is that your products and services will be listed as adds on several classifieds websites helping you reach even more people.

Many people will ask: “Why so many free features & how?”
The answer is simple: With the sponsorship & support of JSHosting.co.uk we have eliminated the costs of web hosting and all additional services like a secure Email server, SSL costs and so on…

The hosting provided by JSHosting.co.uk drastically reduces our costs and we pay it forward to other companies, manufacturers and small businesses. In return we just ask everyone to pay it forward to customers with discounts and fair prices on products and services.

We aim to create new job openings and develop a better, almost free ecosystem for the online environment available to all the people in the world.

So… in the end, I hope everyone reading this article benefits from the Money Walkers Marketplace.

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